Strong Grace

When in your sickness you know you have a healthy God whose healing power flows in you, you thank Him immensely.

When in your failure you know you have a successful God whose wisdom and intelligence will teach you, you thank Him incredibly.

When in your sin you know you have a righteous God whose grace and holiness has forgiven you completely, on firm and unshakable principle, you thank and worship Him infinitely.

Why Silence Matters

“Why did you say it here and not the other group?”

I politely asked what she was talking about before another friend mentioned of its existence without explaining it.

In one sense, I sense they are hiding from me something. And yet, the other part of me feels that I shouldn’t know of this group.

Many a time we wonder what God is doing and we can and should ask Him. Yet, we do need to acknowledge that at times there are stuff He planned that we shouldn’t know.

Maybe it may kill a surprise. Maybe it will make us self-reliant. In any case, it is better if we didn’t know at the moment.

I, too, have my fair share of secrets that, for the greater good of my loved ones, should and will remain that way until the time is right.

Thus, I shall give my friends benefit of the doubt for this exclusiveness, because I believe they mean well, even though my flesh questions otherwise.

Some things are better left unknown, at least for now…

-Joel Kindiak, 30 Mar 17, 1731H

Romantic Musings

Spending time with the Lord enjoying my music, the Lord led me to think about romance once more. These are a few thoughts that came to mind.

Don’t enter romance in order to enjoy the attention from your peers online. It gets tempting to want to find a significant other like the many famous couples online and enjoy the flood of praise from peers. From SECUTE to perhaps a morbid ‘get a room’, we crave praise and using romance to get there is good rep for a bad fall. If romance is predicated on praise then it will fall when attacked. There has to be a deeper root than support from others.

I do not mean that support is bad. I do mean that support from peers as the source of romance is a very dangerous root. It could start there, just like many matchmade couples, but can not remain as the life source of love.

Also, marriage is not the end of a relationship, contrary to popular belief. Pop culture evangelizes the concept that romance begins at dating and ends at marriage, after which you live happily ever after with no effort or divorce and never meet each other again. Both are bogus. We live in the real world, with real struggles and real challenges. For ANY relationship to work out, not necessarily romance, both parties have to make effort to be intentional and available. It may not be perfect intentionality or perfect availability, but it’s certainly better than none.

Which means this: my wife and I will set aside and enjoy two Sabbaths every week—one for TAWG and one for each other. I will continue wooing her after our marriage and we will continue to be intentional and available to each other, to keep building each other up and pointing each other to Christ.

The essence of godly romance is not what can I get out of it, but how can I bless my partner through it. How can my love with my S/O reflect God’s love for us? Only with this foundational principle can godly romance possibly thrive.

—Joel Kindiak, 28 Mar 17, 0746H


In office, I’ve been given a new task: to water the plants every morning and once before I leave the office to enjoy the weekend. I see day by day the plants growing stronger, healthier, taller, almost as if the simple act of faithfully watering every morning is more than enough to bring about that growth.

Today, my two friends celebrated the end of the Term 1 exams by hanging out with three other friends. Well…one, because the other two fell sick. They decided to spend the rest of the afternoon after the movie blessing the two sick chaps by buying them drinks and delivering them to their doorsteps.

That’s a whole new level of intentionality: blessing others even beyond convenience.

I’m so glad to see them grow this way. It’s almost like every moment of fellowship, loving God and one another, is starting to produce growth, branching into love and concern for friends whom we are not as close to.

I definitely feel like a proud papa. This informal mentorship and investment definitely has not been to waste. Definitely there are other people pouring into their lives, and hence I’m so humbled to have been part of their growth process.

The process of waiting for long seasons for the crop sucks, but the produce makes that wait totally, totally, TOTALLY worth it.

-Joel Kindiak, 24 Mar 17, 1545H

Saintly Shoutout

This won’t be the only one I’ll be doing, but for now in this season I feel like doing one.

This shoutout goes to Xin An and Ting Wei.


For being available and intentional in building one another up and point one another to Christ.

I love how we are raw with one another in what we experience and how we feel. I struggle to be vulnerable in front of juniors, but the two of them have proved to be more than just juniors and really friends of mine to whom I don’t need to be tough in front of. Xin An will even be an equal next year when we both enter University, and I’m thankful for this pal with whom university will be less daunting.

I love how we roast one another (mostly Ting Wei) and laugh at one another’s embarrassing moments (Xin An’s guilty here) but always laughing with one another and never at one another.


I love how no matter how tough life gets we choose to follow Christ and always dedicate some time not just having quality time but fellowshipping: reminding one another of the goodness of God in our lives and encouraging one another to persevere.

I love how they are constants in my life, that is, being there when I need them, and letting me into their lives when they need me.

I love them more than words can express.

Thanks guys. This first shout-out goes to you.


And I’m sure this won’t be my only shout-out on this blog.

-Joel Kindiak, 20 March 2017, 1545H

Constants and Priorities

In Mathematics, constants are numbers that don’t change even when everything else does. They are always there, required to solve the problem.

I’m grateful for the constants in my life, who stick with me even though our life stations and circumstances continue to change.

They say that change is the only constant, but I see my friends as constants too, at least, the ones who are intentional and available.

Without these two qualities, no friendship can last.

With them, they can potentially last a lifetime and beyond.

The reality is not everyone I prioritise will prioritise me, and I guess that was a painful lesson to learn early this year. Sometimes, letting go is the best option for everybody.

Some will be taken off the priority list to make room who have proved to enjoy it more.

I know that my constants will be priority, and I will move heaven or earth, or at least do as much as in my power, to help us make it happen.

  • If that means travelling for hours to a remote location, so be it.
  • If that means going out of my way to bless, why not?
  • If that means waking up early on a Sunday morning, bring it on!

Maybe that’s what it means to give special trust. Generic trust to everyone; special, exclusive, intense and vulnerable trust to my priorities.

Trust that is not easily rebuilt.

I’m humbled and incredibly thankful for the constants in my life.

Thank you!