Bittersweet Tuesday

No, I’m talking about yesterday, but yesterday, 6 years ago. 21 December 2010. Man, it’s been a while, but hey, story time!

The story begins as I left for church camp the Saturday before, when I left for Camp Noise. As an immature 13-year-old, I brought my DS thinking there would be time to play some Mario Kart on the way there and on the way back. There was, so I did just that.

img_1694The camp ended on Tuesday, and on our way back, I knew my day wasn’t over. Right after camp, I had to head over to another church as I was part of their carolling group and we were going to perform somewhere that night. My crush was there, and so I was thrilled to get to see her again after a long time.

As we entered Singapore customs, we were asked to check our belongings. Knowing I had a $270 system in my bag, I ensured it remained where it was, right in my bag. I brought it with me and after entering back into SG took it out to play again. The last stop was back at church where they dropped us off. I gladly left the bus and joyfully celebrated the end of my first ever church camp.

At the church, I got bored and wanted to take out my DS to play. I searched my bag, no DS. Hmm. Weird. I searched again. No DS. Oh crap. I left it on the bus. My leader tried contacting the bus driver but to no avail. Either someone took it (unlikely) or I left it on the bus. There flew $270. My heart sank.

Yet, I took my stuff and walked over to the other church nearby, changed into our carolling T-shirt and met the rest. I was somewhat distraught that my DS was nowhere to be seen but still happy to see her. It’s been a while. The year had been by and large crappy, and we had our fair share of conflict, but I guess at this time we were superficially cool and I cherished every moment of it.

After our set songs, we chilled at the place spamming photos and having a great time. I was awkward as heck and though I wanted a solo photo with her never mustered the guts to ask for one. I didn’t want either of us to face embarassment. But in any case that night really made up for the lost DS.

That was definitely a bittersweet day. Was the DS worth it? Probably not, since it was lost due to carelessness. Did meeting my crush make up for it? Definitely.


An Awesome Day At Home

16 December 2016: Clearing Leave

Started out the day by meeting Chian Yong and catching up with him over breakfast. We both want to be more intentional to love our church and therefore community more.

Slacking at home, I decided to hear a couple of sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince and then indulge in Goblin. Gotta catch up the episodes so that I’m in time for the next one coming next week.

Then I asked God if I could go night cycling tonight. While I know the chances of it coming to pass are like 0.000000001%, I still ask anyway. I thought: what a better way to end off the leave/off week than with night cycling? And yet, believing that God will give me the best, when I do go night cycling, it’ll be much more awesome than if I went tonight. It’s either night cycling tonight or some other time when it’ll be wayyy more awesome. God will always give me the best.


Skype calls are cool cos’ it’s like meeting up without meeting up. Hopefully Project Logos could be done this way in the future.

It’s freed-up days like these that I do appreciate my work in MINDEF. I enjoy getting many miscellaneous little things done and completing many mini-projects.

A Friend So Faithful

This happened on 24 August 2015, but I feel this story will be told for as long as I live. The two people involved in this probably have forgotten about this a long time ago, but this story will continue being told. It simply goes to show how every small action could make a big difference and impact in someone’s life, for better or for worse.


Last Monday my friends and I were chilling at the table during recess, and for some topic they were engaged in I didn’t know about it. Thus I was treated invisible hoping to be noticed until I finally gave up and was like “ah dammit la”. Destiny chose me to be alone, lonely and forever alone. For the next few hours, I questioned my self-worth, about how I would never get a companion. The Lord gave me a craving for froyo along with a hymn:

Can we find a friend so faithful,
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Realising what I tried finding but failed in getting was all the while found in Jesus, my eyes welled up. Now I know I have a friend more faithful than any other, who knows exactly the crap that I go through. And this was my response in faith:

You’re the joy no one can take away
You’re the joy no one can take away
You’re the peace inside I can’t explain
You’re the strength I need
You will always be my strength!

And the rest of the week fell not short of a blessing.

Thank You, Jesus.