Time Flies

Time is going…fast.

Now this could, admittedly, be a good thing or not. If you are in a huge challenge or are suffering really badly, the quickness of time will speed up the recovery process as the deepest of your metaphysical wounds heal. If you have planned a vacation, the fast flow of events gets you there quickly.

And yet, when you are well, and choose to spend every day bumming around at home instead of doing something useful, the quickness of time will waste it all away. During your vacation, time will eat whatever adventure was not spent there.
Time goes by very fast.

My week sounds something like this: Monday—new week! Tuesday—enjoying it thus far…Wednesday—its midweek! Thursday—nearing the weekend! Friday—weekend! Saturday—party all day err day! Sunday—tomorrow’s yet another new week!

Whether you like it or not, soon it will be the major exams, and then they end. Soon enlistment will take place, and then it ends. Soon you enter university and before long you graduate.

Unless you have a purpose to live, there is practically no reason to. I find my reason in Christ, in knowing Him and making Him known, and that’s the basis on which I choose to live my life on, regardless of what particular event is going on.

Regardless, time will fly.

—Joel Kindiak, 14 Jun 17, 0729H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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