Death to Instagram

Initially I wanted to use ‘Death to Social Media’, but the problem with that is that I’m unwilling to part ways with Youtube or WordPress (for obvious reasons).

But yes, as the image macros have shown, I have not just deactivated my Instagram account but went one step further to delete it completely. The downsides weighed more than the upsides for me, and my flesh was overwhelmed by the temptation to scroll through ideal yet probably fake lifestyles and keeping up the image of mine. In contrast, once I deactivated my accounts and went for my Australia vacation, I was freed from the need to impress and in fact just need to enjoy my vacation in peace.

Now that I’m back I decided that browsing the lives of others only make me more jealous than inspired, as the craving for attention crept up within my soul once more. Let’s just kill it. So I decided to leave once and for all.

All the photos I keep on my phone will be just that for the purpose they serve: not to impress but for me to reminisce and reflect and be thankful for the year of abundant joy thus far, as well as the many years that have passed.

No couple Insta accounts.

No 21st birthday picture.

No vain inspirations.

It’s time to regain the privacy of my person and to love myself as God first loved me, that I may love others even more. I know that Instagram means different things to different people, and I respect that, but for me its toxicity relative to where I am now as a person overwhelmed its utility.

So, death to Instagram it is, for me at least.

-Joel Kindiak, 5 June 2017, 1129H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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