29 April 2017

In my previous post, I lamented on how this day will be just another ordinary day that passes by without anyone knowing.

This weekend has completely proved me otherwise.

At the picnic that I organized, Alvin, Faith, Xin An and Ting Wei presented me with Alvin’s trademark birthday magazines, and we had an awesome impromptu photoshoot at Sentosa, followed by a sushi dinner and just enjoying one another’s presence. It was the perfect celebration I could ask for. I’m so glad my two groups of close friends finally get to meet each other and have fellowship, even if this is just the beginning.

xin an 8 faith 5 ting wei 8
On Saturday, my life group celebrated my birthday by organizing an Amazing Race full of Math questions. What blew me away was that it’s a team effort that brought this about, in spite of everyone’s hectic NS schedules. It wasn’t just the activity, but the teamwork behind it. That’s taking intentionality to a whole new level! And before the day ended, the Nice Hat guys came to surprise me. The surprise I finally and graciously received.

bravo 2 ting wei 9 xin an 10 may ann 2 justin 2-1
On Sunday, Bryan and Samuel treated me to lunch and Daniel and Jonathan spent time with me over dinner. This weekend sees my birthday the most celebrated in all 20 years, ever.

In Xin An’s words, “YOU SEE! PEOPLE DO CARE!” I guess it’s both a blessing and a slap in the face to stop doubting people so much.

One important thing is knowing that there are people who I can trust. For being there when I needed you the most, for hearing me in my romantic laments, for enduring my public embarrassments, for heeding my advice and for being my friends, thank you. You know who you are.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my 20th the best one yet.

I’m grateful and incredibly humbled to be your friend. No joke.

Thank you.

—Joel Kindiak, 30 April 2017, 2213H



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