God’s Love


In recent days the Lord has been unveiling a small sample of His heart toward me through my own experience.

He delights in every opportunity He gets to spend with me. Any time alone with Him was precious and cherished to the full. He feels honoured every time I hear Him preach through the various sources and speak through His word.

He loves to give and give and give and bless and bless and bless. Receiving His gifts with a resounding ‘Amen’ brings Him joy. He delights in giving to me. He delights in me being delighted.

When I’m down, He listens and tenderly speaks words of encouragement. He finds ways to make me laugh in my worst moments. He is relieved when I’m okay.

He is sad when I don’t want to spend time with Him. When I just use Him for His blessings. When I chase the world instead of Him. Yet, every time I run back to Him, He leaps for joy. He enjoys not the activities but the person with whom He does them with.

He loves to help. He loves to do whatever He can to solve my problem. He loves it when I ask Him for help, relying on His ability instead of on my own.

He is devastated when I lie to Him, saying that I don’t have time to spend with Him when in reality I have all the time in the world to do so. He is heartbroken when I go against my word. He feels betrayed that I care for someone else more than Him.

He longs to spend time with me. He longs to affirm me with words. He longs to serve me. He longs to embrace me. He longs to give good gifts to me.

He longs to love me in every way possible.

He rejoices when I return after turning away from Him from so long. He is excited to spend more time with me once again.

—Joel Kindiak, Jan 2017



Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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