Why Silence Matters

“Why did you say it here and not the other group?”

I politely asked what she was talking about before another friend mentioned of its existence without explaining it.

In one sense, I sense they are hiding from me something. And yet, the other part of me feels that I shouldn’t know of this group.

Many a time we wonder what God is doing and we can and should ask Him. Yet, we do need to acknowledge that at times there are stuff He planned that we shouldn’t know.

Maybe it may kill a surprise. Maybe it will make us self-reliant. In any case, it is better if we didn’t know at the moment.

I, too, have my fair share of secrets that, for the greater good of my loved ones, should and will remain that way until the time is right.

Thus, I shall give my friends benefit of the doubt for this exclusiveness, because I believe they mean well, even though my flesh questions otherwise.

Some things are better left unknown, at least for now…

-Joel Kindiak, 30 Mar 17, 1731H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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