Romantic Musings

Spending time with the Lord enjoying my music, the Lord led me to think about romance once more. These are a few thoughts that came to mind.

Don’t enter romance in order to enjoy the attention from your peers online. It gets tempting to want to find a significant other like the many famous couples online and enjoy the flood of praise from peers. From SECUTE to perhaps a morbid ‘get a room’, we crave praise and using romance to get there is good rep for a bad fall. If romance is predicated on praise then it will fall when attacked. There has to be a deeper root than support from others.

I do not mean that support is bad. I do mean that support from peers as the source of romance is a very dangerous root. It could start there, just like many matchmade couples, but can not remain as the life source of love.

Also, marriage is not the end of a relationship, contrary to popular belief. Pop culture evangelizes the concept that romance begins at dating and ends at marriage, after which you live happily ever after with no effort or divorce and never meet each other again. Both are bogus. We live in the real world, with real struggles and real challenges. For ANY relationship to work out, not necessarily romance, both parties have to make effort to be intentional and available. It may not be perfect intentionality or perfect availability, but it’s certainly better than none.

Which means this: my wife and I will set aside and enjoy two Sabbaths every week—one for TAWG and one for each other. I will continue wooing her after our marriage and we will continue to be intentional and available to each other, to keep building each other up and pointing each other to Christ.

The essence of godly romance is not what can I get out of it, but how can I bless my partner through it. How can my love with my S/O reflect God’s love for us? Only with this foundational principle can godly romance possibly thrive.

—Joel Kindiak, 28 Mar 17, 0746H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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