In office, I’ve been given a new task: to water the plants every morning and once before I leave the office to enjoy the weekend. I see day by day the plants growing stronger, healthier, taller, almost as if the simple act of faithfully watering every morning is more than enough to bring about that growth.

Today, my two friends celebrated the end of the Term 1 exams by hanging out with three other friends. Well…one, because the other two fell sick. They decided to spend the rest of the afternoon after the movie blessing the two sick chaps by buying them drinks and delivering them to their doorsteps.

That’s a whole new level of intentionality: blessing others even beyond convenience.

I’m so glad to see them grow this way. It’s almost like every moment of fellowship, loving God and one another, is starting to produce growth, branching into love and concern for friends whom we are not as close to.

I definitely feel like a proud papa. This informal mentorship and investment definitely has not been to waste. Definitely there are other people pouring into their lives, and hence I’m so humbled to have been part of their growth process.

The process of waiting for long seasons for the crop sucks, but the produce makes that wait totally, totally, TOTALLY worth it.

-Joel Kindiak, 24 Mar 17, 1545H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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