Constants and Priorities

In Mathematics, constants are numbers that don’t change even when everything else does. They are always there, required to solve the problem.

I’m grateful for the constants in my life, who stick with me even though our life stations and circumstances continue to change.

They say that change is the only constant, but I see my friends as constants too, at least, the ones who are intentional and available.

Without these two qualities, no friendship can last.

With them, they can potentially last a lifetime and beyond.

The reality is not everyone I prioritise will prioritise me, and I guess that was a painful lesson to learn early this year. Sometimes, letting go is the best option for everybody.

Some will be taken off the priority list to make room who have proved to enjoy it more.

I know that my constants will be priority, and I will move heaven or earth, or at least do as much as in my power, to help us make it happen.

  • If that means travelling for hours to a remote location, so be it.
  • If that means going out of my way to bless, why not?
  • If that means waking up early on a Sunday morning, bring it on!

Maybe that’s what it means to give special trust. Generic trust to everyone; special, exclusive, intense and vulnerable trust to my priorities.

Trust that is not easily rebuilt.

I’m humbled and incredibly thankful for the constants in my life.

Thank you!


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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