No Way

When it seems there is no way, and feels that there is no way, know that God will make a way.

How could Abraham and Sarah bear a child at 99 and 90, well barren beyond their years? God supernaturally opened her womb and the promised child, Isaac, was born.

How could the Israelites flee from Pharoah’s troops with a sea by the dead end? God opened up the Red Sea and the people walked on dry land right across, letting the seas down when Pharoah’s troops almost had them.

How could Gideon face thousands with just a few hundred men? He had a God who turned the enemies against themselves. The LORD was then feared by many.

In each case, we see God being glorified by making a wayless way. May your impossible situation be made possible by God and used by God to glorify Him. 


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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