Perfectly-Timed Weekend

Woohoo it’s been a few weeks since I last blogged. What happened the last weekend was so awesome but I didn’t really have the free time to share about it, except maybe briefly on Instagram in the form of two Instaworthy photos. The descriptions were concise but not complete, so let me complete them here.

Last Friday, my lovely superiors decided to leave the office early and let me off early too. How awesome! I had a free night out! How should I spend it? I felt a prompting to go to SA, and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. So I went home, changed out and brought my laptop and workbooks to SA to do some work. I was still wondering, why? Will I meet people whom I can help in Math? Will I meet my then-close friends who, due to work or whatever reason, are less available?  All I know is that God was going to do something awesome through my obeying Him to go to SA.

Well…nothing happened at SA per se. At 8pm, I saw my ex-cellmate was about to perform at NLB in Bugis, so I thought, “Why not travel down there? The performance starts at 9pm and I might be able to make it.’ I packed my bag and travelled via Singapore’s efficient MRT system to the library, only to realise that the ticket office was closed and I couldn’t enter the theatre. Oh well. I tried. But then again, it has been a while since I went to NLB, so why not go there the next day? I don’t have cell in the afternoon, so it’s a good time to do some work. So that was the plan for the next day. For the rest of the night, I wasted time, travelled to Popeye’s at 313 Somerset and went home and rest.

For the past week, I’ve been reading many #ignytereflections, as my friend from Trinity Christian Centre has recommended I do while I’m bored surfing Instagram. And I must say, I have been incredibly encouraged that so many young people have a heart to follow Jesus. Yes, we aren’t perfect, and we all struggle, to either a greater or lesser extent. Yet, I saw hearts that longed to spend time to Jesus, even though, as the saying goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Thus, I decided to visit TCC on Sunday. I suggested this to my close friend and she said “why not?” as it’s the first time she visit another church’s youth service.

The next day, I went to the library as planned and sat down to do my work. I started work, wondering if there were people I know there. Turns out, there were people who knew about me there, and when my junior told me that I thought that was cool. A few moments later I got a tap on my back, and a familiar face appeared-my godsis’.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m doing work haha.”

“I might need your help with Math.”

And instead of staying at my seat, my godsis, her friend and I went to the airconditioned area outside the studying area, sat there, and started learning about solving differential equations. It was divine. If I never went to SA, I wouldn’t have ended up here, just in time to help my godsis with her Math. She was getting stressed about it since she didn’t have confidence in her Math, but God is so good and His timing is so perfect that I was able to help. In the end, I went to visit her church, Grace AG, and carried on with work later on. We had amazing moments of fellowship that I cherish dearly. We agreed to meet on the next day to carry on with work. The weekend wasn’t over.

My close friend and I met and travelled to TCC together, and we were both very encouraged by the service. The youth pastor preached powerfully and specifically, targeting specific heart issues that many of us related to. We left during the response time, and having read more reflections later in the day, I kind of regretted doing so. We probably missed out on the powerful work God did during the altar call response, and perhaps it was a bit of a shame. These young people really have a heart to follow Christ, even though they struggle a lot. They still choose Christ. That’s awesome!

Nonetheless, we still had an awesome fellowship catch up. In recent times, I see that God have temporarily closed the door for some friendships and opened previously closed ones for others. God’s perfect timing is awesome, and I am being built up every bit of the way. I believe that God knows what He is doing and I can and will totally trust Him to give me the best of blessings in the best of time.

I then went to my godsis’ house and we did more work and started partying to some awesome black music (e.g. “Risen” i.e. “The same power that crushed the enemy lives in me…”). She and her parents decided to sponsor my Uber ride home instead of a long yet lazy MRT ride from Tampines to Clementi. Thanks for the ride!

In sum, this weekend such a good, yet small, picture of God’s good timing. On Friday, I obeyed although seemingly for no reason, and on Saturday God revealed why. 

God will always bring the right people into our lives at the right time for the right blessing. His perfect timing is reliable!


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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