How many a time did we fake a front in front of others?

The fact is, it is so easy to do so, because it’s the easy way out. And sometimes justified. Given a 5-minute conversation, I can’t possibly detail every struggle I am facing there and then, so I briefly reply with an ‘all is well’ and touch on a few updates on my life before moving on. Yet usually it’s easy because it’s so much nicer to say ‘I’m alright’ than actually delve into the messiness that we get ourselves into.

Truth be told, I have been guilty of such. Many of my juniors view me as a big-brother figure. That means that when I do interact them I ensure high energy, even if I am struggling big time in my thought life. I struggle to be vulnerable to anyone but the closest, and the names who get to hear them aren’t set in stone. This is part of my trust issues, but if I’m not vulnerable when I am, that’s being a facade.

How often do we do that?

Spiritually, I ask this: how often do we put a facade before God?

How often do we mask our spiritual failures with Christianese antics to impress our fellow churchmates when we are in service or cell? Again, it’s so easy to play Christian on Sundays and go back to normal on Monday through Friday, rather than be real with our flaws and find support and help to overcome them. Even in our relationship with God, how many a time do we fake happiness when in reality we are torn?

It’s okay to break down in God’s presence. It’s okay to feel shit. It’s okay to be real.

Not just God, but with people too. Every day I continue to learn that.

Let’s stop being lying hypocrites, to whatever degree that applies to us. Take off that facade. Be real.

-Joel Kindiak, 12 Feb 2017, 1849H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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