My Interests

Aren’t as common as others.

My taste in music is strictly worship music only. Secular songs aren’t bad, they just aren’t my cup of tea. Of course when I was in early teenhood I learnt every mainstream Michael Jackson song out there, but choosing to follow Christ, those desires fade. Sure it brings a catchy tune, but I can’t say I enjoy it as much. All in all, this strict adherence to listening to worship music is not common, even among devout Christians I’m close to.

Spiritual activity excites me, particularly bible studies or sermons or basically anything to do with the Word. Reading the books of 1 and 2 Kings, recently, have been stimulating. Were there boring parts? Definitely. But all in all I find my experience reading the bible very positive and want to do it more when I can. In fact, my godsis (Esther) and ex-churchmate (Bryan) and I are about to have bible study together, as we all are really, really keen on learning from the Word. It wasn’t always like this, but I’m glad I finally have companions on this journey. As my godsis pointed out, choosing to follow Christ at a young age must have been a lonely journey, and looking back it was, but I’m glad things are about to change.

I can hands-down say that I’m one of the few rare lunatics out there who enjoys doing math and learning math. Just saying I like math sparks dread in virtually everyone I talk to, and it’s kinda sad to see very few people as interested as I am. Then again, I choose to love myself, regardless of people’s opinions on ammoral issues. This issue is ammoral; I get to choose to value it or otherwise so long it does not affect my walk with God.

My interests differ from many, and yet I choose to love myself instead of spite myself for them. I’m uniquely wired by God, and I’m glad to have these interests unique to me.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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