You Work! I Rest!

You work, I rest!

At first glance this phrase seems utterly selfish and lazy. God gave us work to do, why am I just forsaking it like that? Or am I actually commanding God to work on my behalf? That’s blasphemy added on to the list!

And yet, the reverse is pride. In saying, “God, I work, You rest,” we are saying we don’t need God in the things we do. We will take upon ourselves every task that comes and God doesn’t need to bother because we can do it.

This happened in time past when I strived to excel in studies or meet old friends. The consequence? Utter failure in my grades. People respond with “Sorry, can’t make it,” then justify that with an obviously fabricated excuse. The reality is that I can’t do the work better than God, so why should I act as if I can? The interesting thing is that the harder we try, the worse the failure and the struggle.

The reverse is true. The more we rest, the more God works and we see effortless success. In Sec 4 God told me to trust Him to get my ‘A1’ for Chinese. While the result wasn’t exactly an A1, it sure was an A that I’m satisfied with nonetheless. When I stop trying to organize meetups, people organize meetups with me. When I stop striving for attention, people eventually pay attention to me.

He works, I rest!

Let go and let God flow. When God is in charge, He will grant the desires of my heart because now my heart doesn’t desire the world but Christ. And amazingly, when we seek Him first, all these lesser blessings will be added on to me.

Before I end, I want to make a disclaimer that rest does not mean slack. We can do nothing but still be worried and not at rest. Conversely, it’s possible to be busy with doing a lot and still be restful. Jesus was the busiest man on earth, healing and teaching everywhere He went. Restfulness is an attitude that translates into productivity, because God works through us.

When I restfully study, it is not jacking off and spamming Mario Kart. It is memorizing my Geography content or attempting grueling Biology questions knowing that God is doing the studying by providing me His study strategy. The restful habit of consistency, by the grace of God, resulted in effortless success in my studies. More on that in time to come.

Furthermore, in proclaiming God as the best, ultimate worker, we not just rely on God in theory, but in practice. No longer striving, no longer stressed, in Him our Jesus, we find our rest! (Restful Increase by New Creation Worship) As we choose to rest, not just to think that God is in control but live in restful assurance and conviction that He is, He will surely, surely, deliver what He promised.

I choose this day to rest. Lord, You work! I rest!


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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