Enjoy the Drone

On social media, there is this social pressure to impress the world with how eventful or busy our lives can get. Be it social gatherings or mountaintops of schoolwork, we want to show people that we really have a life. The reality, however, is the life can get boring and droning at times, and no matter how long we try to impress people, there will come a point in time that there’s not enough.

I entered December setting apart my Friday afternoons on leave to spend time with my loved ones, only to realise that most of them have already made other plans. That’s not meaning that I shouldn’t have used my Fridays. If I didn’t I doubt I would have been able to clear them completely. That said, I do realise that not everyone shares my strong views on cherishing the time. I don’t get leaves or offs that easily, so it does carry with it some form of value. I guess not everyone sees.

On the days I’m in work, however, it tends to get a bit boring. As I scroll through my Insta feed (before I decided to break from it for a few weeks), I envied the lives of those I followed for being able to enjoy life while I’m stuck in the daily grind. It’s December. I should be having an awesome time too. And yet, as I reflect over the past two weeks, what have I learnt? To enjoy the grind. Find the little things that add a zing to what I do. Listen to Justin Timberlake. Tap my feet as I arrange documents or clear the shredder bin. Find opportunities to enjoy my task as I gradually but certainly complete it.

The reality is, God made me, me. And I don’t want to live the life of another. I want to enjoy the life God has created for me right now. I want to enjoy His presence in my life every day, so much that it overflows. I want to find contentment and joy in the life He has made for and given me. The lives of others, good or bad, may affect the way I feel, but should rarely affect my outlook on life. In Christ, I quote Meghan Trainor:

If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.

In fact, it’s the days when I do get a break but don’t know who to spend it with when I wonder, I actually miss going to work. If anything, days like those help me appreciate the work that God has placed me in, and to do better when I return to the office. To speak and act more graciously than in time past. Let’s learn to enjoy the grind.

Let’s start to enjoy life, regardless of the adventures of others. Let’s stop surviving and start living. Let’s cherish every moment and never let them leave.

-Joel Kindiak, 19 Dec 2016, 0756H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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