An Awesome Day At Home

16 December 2016: Clearing Leave

Started out the day by meeting Chian Yong and catching up with him over breakfast. We both want to be more intentional to love our church and therefore community more.

Slacking at home, I decided to hear a couple of sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince and then indulge in Goblin. Gotta catch up the episodes so that I’m in time for the next one coming next week.

Then I asked God if I could go night cycling tonight. While I know the chances of it coming to pass are like 0.000000001%, I still ask anyway. I thought: what a better way to end off the leave/off week than with night cycling? And yet, believing that God will give me the best, when I do go night cycling, it’ll be much more awesome than if I went tonight. It’s either night cycling tonight or some other time when it’ll be wayyy more awesome. God will always give me the best.


Skype calls are cool cos’ it’s like meeting up without meeting up. Hopefully Project Logos could be done this way in the future.

It’s freed-up days like these that I do appreciate my work in MINDEF. I enjoy getting many miscellaneous little things done and completing many mini-projects.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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