How You Know You Are In Love


I refer to this video for the points given below. Here are some indicators that one might forsee himself/herself being in love:

  1. Are you best friends?
  2. Are you willing to be kind when they make you mad?
  3. Are you willing to take care of them even when you get absolutely nothing out of it?
  4. Are you willing to communicate openly and honestly?
  5. Are you willing to apologise when you inevitably mess up on the first four?

These are indicators, not determinants. Just because one has them does not strictly imply romantic interest. In fact, while this can apply to love, this can apply to any friendship one has as well. Love (agape in Greek) goes beyond romance (eros in Greek).

Of course, in my romantic thought discourse I have reviewed these thoughts over and over again, but for the Christian who longs to grow closer to God, I add one more question:

Q: Does the thought of the person one likes point him/her to Christ?

This has nothing to do with the person liked but rather the person who is liking, as an indicator of his/her spiritual maturity in the area of romance. Ultimately, we want everything in our lives to glorify God, and that includes romance and our thoughts on it.

Let Christ be the centre of your life, and when the time comes, He will give you these God-made emotions and draw you to your significant other. When that happens, your enjoyment with each other will point each other to Christ, and Christ will be magnified in your relationship.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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