A Friend So Faithful

This happened on 24 August 2015, but I feel this story will be told for as long as I live. The two people involved in this probably have forgotten about this a long time ago, but this story will continue being told. It simply goes to show how every small action could make a big difference and impact in someone’s life, for better or for worse.


Last Monday my friends and I were chilling at the table during recess, and for some topic they were engaged in I didn’t know about it. Thus I was treated invisible hoping to be noticed until I finally gave up and was like “ah dammit la”. Destiny chose me to be alone, lonely and forever alone. For the next few hours, I questioned my self-worth, about how I would never get a companion. The Lord gave me a craving for froyo along with a hymn:

Can we find a friend so faithful,
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Realising what I tried finding but failed in getting was all the while found in Jesus, my eyes welled up. Now I know I have a friend more faithful than any other, who knows exactly the crap that I go through. And this was my response in faith:

You’re the joy no one can take away
You’re the joy no one can take away
You’re the peace inside I can’t explain
You’re the strength I need
You will always be my strength!

And the rest of the week fell not short of a blessing.

Thank You, Jesus.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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