Weekend Mania

This weekend (9-11 Dec) was one of the busier ones, and really quite fulfilling, might I add.

On Friday afternoon, I met Faith at Changi Airport and we did work and talked about life and crushes and all that good stuff. It was edifying and refreshing to know that we still build each other up, that our friendship based on Christ has not been shaken by the fact that we’re in different churches.

At night on my way home, Ting Wei asked if I wanted to help out for this outreach event that suddenly requires manpower. I said we’ll do it if we all do it together. That night TW said alright, then the next day Joanne and Xin An also joined along. The outreach was pretty cool, giving out welfare packs in the spirit of Christmas and encouraging the residents to celebrate Christmas with the church this year.

Interestingly, right after that, my LG went for a similar outreach event, but instead of welfare packs we gave bread as the monthly event is called ‘Bread with Love’. The person I worked with focused a lot on church, which disturbed me. I’ve been through a stage of my life where I used all sorts of gimmicks and gotchas to attract people the church, all the while doing so out of obligation and fear rather than out of love. I felt guilty that I wasn’t a good Christian if I didn’t jio people to church, but did not know of any alternative. Of course, in due time, God showed me that I bring them to Christ because I love them, not love them because I wanna bring them to Christ. Nevertheless, the amount of aggression my partner displayed in simply bringing them to church was disturbing. I see that her participation was out of love but didn’t see that love displayed in the act of giving.

The next day, I woke up early as I got out of bed and met Ying Hern to witness Elizabeth’s reaffirmation of her faith, her decision to choose Christ over all. In the early morning, I caught up with Shaquil and realised that our jobscopes in serving the nation are quite different and his is way more challenging than mine. I went home to rehearse the songs that Jason, John and I will be leading during the Christmas Party for our family before joining Xin An at the Popular fair thingy in town to buy my much awaited Mildliner pens that won’t make my Bible bleed as I spam it with annotations.


This weekend was pretty nice, and as the first post in the week stated, the weeks ahead will just be awesome because it’s all about Jesus!


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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