Thought Life (2)


If you know me long enough, you know that I tend to overthink. A lot. About hypothetical situations that don’t even reflect the reality that well. And while there are moments my overthinking leads to unnecessary misunderstandings, like in the mini-crash I had this year, for the large part, these thoughts have sharpened my values, which I might ramble on in the posts to come:

  • the need for closure, in any event, that happens in life,
  • what it means to be ready for godly romance,
  • how my life, though different from many, is still nonetheless awesome,
  • (on a related note) how a simple life of God, Math and Music combine to form something awesome,
  • how I’m incredibly humbled by those close to me, and honored to be close to them,
  • how it’s okay if my intentionality is not reciprocated,
  • how I’m me, and while my behaviour changes, my personality won’t and shouldn’t,
  • the perfect timing of God,
  • anticipation for an awesome 2017, looking forward.

I don’t have many experiences to share as my life isn’t that interesting compared to most, but the things I think about can have me daydreaming on my desk for hours on end. I’m lazing around in real life but active in my thought life. Those are some of those thoughts as I reflect and self-reflect on myself as a person.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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