Quality Time

Last Saturday, Shun and I went to Wild Wild Wet to chill and have fun. We paid $23.80 and another $8 for lunch to play what was essentially the old Wild Wild Wet. We exhausted all the rides in the first two hours then decided to slack at the Tsunami.

As we did, I reflected and shared with him how water theme parks in reality were essentially the same. Most have a lazy river, some thrilling rides, a mass pool where the waves come and go. It wasn’t the attraction that made the day great, but the company. It’s usually not the activity in and of itself that’s great, but the people you spend time with in that activity.

I remember watching Trolls and the movie in and of itself was meh. The movie was quite adorable but the story was somewhat cliché. Yet, it wasn’t the movie that made the day great, but the company.

I remember catching up with friends over food. Some bring me to Nando’s for an exquisite taste (aka daylight robbery) while others tight-budgeted friends like me brought me to McDonald’s and others to Makisan. Yes, in all cases, the experience was equally great, not for the food or the cheapness, but because I got to catch up with my loved ones.

I remember heading to Christmas Wonderland in the Gardens, not because the decorations and the music were good, though I did fall in love with Pentatonix’s rendition of ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’, but because the close friend who went with me there did so out of compassion.

I remember each cycling session, Pulau Ubin, Biking in the Rain and ECP to Pasir Ris, not because they were epic misadventures but because we went through them together.

I remember studying for hours on end, not because doing work was awesome in and of itself, though I did enjoy preparing my Math worksheets, but because I got to do them with the people I love and trust.

I remember every SFC session was amazing not because of the planning per se but the unity of the CCA amidst doing so.

I remember jamming not because we were fantastic musicians but because we in our awful voices and skills (or lack thereof) still chose to enjoy the time together.

I remember SUPER FUN not because I was able or unable to teach but because the people I taught were incredibly teachable.

In reality, it’s never the activity itself that I’m happy about, though fun activities do attract us more, but rather the different company with whom I engage these activities in that produces a smile to my face.

And no matter how under- or over-priced these activities were, I can with full confidence say that it’s all worth it.

Thank you all who chose to invest in my life. I cherish every moment of it. Cheers to many more moments like these to come!


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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