When I told Shun and my leaders about stuff that I have been thinking about a lot, deeply, I was being accountable to them. My view on accountability has changed a lot since now I realise that being accountable is not about your leaders bossing you around or ordering you to do things, but giving you advice and wisdom and positioning you more suitably to make decisions. My leaders and Shun didn’t tell me what they thought I should or should not do but reminded me that whatever I do, ensure that God remained in the centre so that no one will stumble otherwise.

This means that if you, dear reader, choose to be accountable to me, it does not mean that I will boss you around, though I will, if appropriate, give you my opinions on the matter. What it does mean is that I’m here to hear you out and lend my perspective to better aid your judgement. I’m not Lord of your life. God is. He places ‘spiritual parents’, if you may, to point us to Him. Thus, I honour my leaders for this purpose, that their intention is always to point me to Christ and to help me grow more into His image, and I am relying on His grace to do the grace in the lives I influence.

Accountability, when executed well and viewed correctly, will be one of the most practically edifying ways we can grow more Christ-like. I encourage you to find a trustee to be accountable to when you do well and when you screw up. They will be there to support you in the Lord no matter what.

-Joel Kindiak, 30 November 2016, 1826H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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