40 Days Left

Holy shatz we are 40 days left. 40 more days of 2016! We could fast and pray, but I’m not a frequent practitioner of that discipline.

Usually, nearing the end of the year, I get reflective about the past few months, how God has brought me thus far through the highs and the lows, how faithful He is. That will come later. This post serves as a plan for my end-of-year project.

Last year, I accumulated each day’s Photo-of-the-Day to generate #potd2015: The Year of Overcoming Power. This year there isn’t any #potd2016, but I do have some nice memories in photographic form. This is the plan:

2016: The Year of New Beginnings, the magazine.

That’s right, I have plans to journal the 2016 experience in a magazine, then once it’s complete, I’ll load it up here for your reference and print out a copy for myself for nostalgia purposes. Also, it will include the theme of 2017.

End the Year of New Beginnings with yet another new beginning-my very own magazine!

*UPDATE* On second thoughts I decided it would be better to just save it in a video 😛 *END UPDATE*

I’m contemplating on reflecting periodically here or hold the suspense till the release of the magazine/montage/atas scrapbook, but we’ll see if I have plans.

It’s gonna be an exciting December!

-Joel Kindiak, 22 Nov 2016, 1209H


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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