It’s Time to Forgive the Church

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for not living to standard.

I’m sorry for chasing you away because my people are playing around.

I’m sorry for not being intentional to know you.

I’m sorry for giving you so many things and churchy rituals to do.

I’m sorry for confusing you with contradictory doctrine.

I’m sorry for failing to give you lasting comfort and rest.

I’m sorry for accusing you of faithlessness when your healing did not instantly manifest after prayer.

I’m sorry for ignoring your challenging questions and cause your doubt to exceed your faith.

I’m sorry for promising what I could not offer.

I’m sorry for breeding exclusive cliques more prominently than an inclusive community.

I’m sorry for condemning instead of accepting.

I’m sorry for failing, in some areas, to practice what I preach.

I’m sorry for taking a political stand instead of seeing God as Lord of the land.

I’m sorry for allowing the differences between my denominations destroy unity in Christ

I’m sorry for not shining brightly in a dark world.

I’m sorry for being unable to sustain your passion for God.

I’m sorry for making you feel cheated if you have given in vain.

I’m sorry for letting you down with my leaders failing to keep their duty.

I’m sorry for making you think that following Jesus is merely a euphemism for a delusional scam.

I’m sorry for destroying your confidence in me.

I’m sorry for making you see me as a building and not as a community.

I’m made of imperfect people, and I want to change and, more than anything, help you grow closer to God while minimizing religiosity.

Will you forgive me?

—The Church


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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