Alpha 25

I can’t say that I’ve learnt much from Conference this year, to be honest. I share out of obligation and not of true revelation. Yet, if there are any insights, these, in summary, would be them:

  1. God heals.
  2. Trust God above all else.
  3. Forgive the church.
  4. Don’t take God’s blessing on the church for granted.
  5. Love yourself.

I took this photo as I didn’t manage to catch my juniors. I was a little bummed, but have since reasoned that even though I didn’t take a picture with them, there will be many chances. Alpha 25 happens once in a lifetime, but as people we will undoubtedly meet again (heck, one of them is in the CCA I’m helping out before I enlist anyway).

If you can worship at the dance floor, do it! You don’t get to do it any day, you know!

And the highlight, I felt, was surprisingly not when they played “Risen”, which FYI is my favorite song of all time (for now), but the Anniversary celebration.

We were given candles, which I had zero clue to what they would be used for. Then the lights were dimmed and I presumed that the candles would be lit. But how? Then I saw the flame passed on from Senior Pastor to the first row, then the second row, and so on until I got a flame on my candle. Wow!

Seeing the auditorium light up with candles declaring Jesus to be the centre of the Church was undoubtedly the most heartwarming experience I’ve felt this year. Life Con was a lot more fun than heartwarming…This brought forth my 4th takeaway: never to take this blessing for granted.

By God’s grace, we’ll keep being intentional to bring this light into a world of darkness, just as Jesus first gave the light and passed it on, so shall we.

Amazing and unforgettable a night it was.


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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