Taking Grace for Granted

Recently, one of my students parents wanted to sack me for being unable to fulfil my promise—to buck her kid up from an A to an A*. I was a little hurt, but reflected on it and realised that none of my kids were actually improving. Money was wasted because I have failed as a teacher.

This is what happens when I teach by my own strength. I have lost the habit to commit each tuition session to the Lord and started to blabber away on each session. I have not stewarded my gift well as I did not let Him use it. I have failed as a teacher in this respect.

Thank God in Him there is no condemnation. Yet it just reminds me even more to not take any of my students for granted, to meet them at their level and to teach by His grace. This job/ministry is given by Him and He has every right to take it away should I fail to steward it well. Today I make the choice to reinstate Joel Kindiak Math Tuition into God’s hands.

From tomorrow onward, I want to commit every session with my kids to the Lord, that I may teach graciously, that they may learn passionately and that they score excellently, by the power of His grace. May you readers keep me accountable. May I teach with grace.

Joel Kindiak, May 5, 2016


Author: joelkindiak

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