Pervasive Loneliness

I used to struggle with loneliness a lot. This can be inferred by my jealousy of the many photos and adventures of my peers. Today, I overcome loneliness by being alone with Christ, yet I sense that this issue has become more prevalent in my generation with the presence of social media.

Some people feel lonely when they feel excluded from their friends’ adventures proudly loaded onto social media. This has probably held true since the dawn of photo-sharing features. Yet I get the sense that some people struggle with loneliness precisely because of their active photo-sharing, as a facade to how they really feel. To hide their sense of loneliness, they show the world how involved they are in an attempt to feel accepted, superficial it may be.

Loneliness pervades most of our lives. We would be lying if we say that we completely do not struggle with loneliness. Yet, I remembered clearly and I hold dearly this quote by Pastor Prince, that “the cure to loneliness,” a depraved heart condition, “is to be alone with Jesus,” the healer of all hearts.

When my eyes are on Jesus, He brings to me people whom I can be intentional to, to people whom I can trust and share my weaknesses with. These groups are small and sporadic with respect to my life, but we still meet to share life and point one another to Christ. Aloneness in Christ has made me a less lonely person. I treasure every group and am confident that every time we meet it will be an edifying experience.

Joel Kindiak, May 5, 2016


Author: joelkindiak

Build people up. Point them to Christ.

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